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Kavya School is a product of the collective vision of pioneers of Nepalese higher education. The founders of Kavya School envision fostering the innovators and leaders of tomorrow with its revolutionary pedagogy that will be implemented by our academic partner - mySecondTeacher.

Why Kavya

Our institution has been established with the intention of nurturing the upcoming generations of smart students and this shall be accomplished through our four revolutionary pillars designed for the academic and overall personal development of each individual student.

First time in Nepal, advanced pedagogy with industry attachment

Our pedagogy integrates context, content and real-life application, practiced in developed countries, with focus on holistic understanding, as opposed to traditional memorization techniques.

Learn with two teachers

Experienced teaching and tech at your service

Students will be able to interact and ask any questions or confusions they have to their human teacher, at the same time they can learn at their own pace through fun and engaging interactive videos, revise lessons, submit assignments, practice questions for exams and do much more with their own personal second teacher in class and at home.

Full time study
with full time teachers

At Kavya School, students will enjoy a full-time learning schedule that incorporates tutorials within classes, useful workshops and a variety of fun activities.

Experience a vibrant culture and ultra-modern facilities

Experience the perfect blend of a 21st century academic delivery system, cutting-edge infrastructure and vibrant lifestyle, designed to bring the best out of you.

Most glamorous and ultra-modern Smart School

At Kavya, we take pride in our state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an ideal environment for a modern and innovative learning institution school. Our extensive investments in the latest

Our Science
and Management
Pathways for Grade XI

Management Partner

Innovate Nepal Group (ING), a renowned organisation that has been delivering quality education in Nepal for over 25 years. Through ING, we are dedicated to preparing students to become globally competitive graduates and workforce-ready professionals.


Academic Partner

mySecondTeacher is a global multiple award-winning academic delivery platform with comprehensive interactive content for various students around the world. For Nepal we have content specially tailored for Grade XI and XII.


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